First of all, thank you so much for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it!

So I am the person Writing to you, my name is Esther. Now, let me tell you a little bit more about myself;

Things I love are cooking, baking, drawing, painting and I basically love everything that has to do with music  (I just can’t sing even a little bit), I like to listen to it, play it and dance to it (and not just when I’m having a dance party in my room :)!


So, why are you starting a blog you ask? (you probably wasn’t wondering at all, but let’s just pretend you where)

Well, I have been wanting to start my own blog for a few years now, but I have never actually been brave enough to actually do so. But I took the step and did it!

It seems so much fun and I think I will really enjoy doing it.

Also, it would be amazing if I could make even one person a little bit happier for a moment with my posts. That would absolutely mean the world to me.


I hope you will enjoy reading my blog!

Lots of love, Esther