July 9, 2017

Hi guys! Do you know that feeling when you see something very cute in a store, but after you look on the price tag you’re just like “Nope, never mind!”? Because I do! This happens to me a lot with clothes, but also with room decor pieces. I think a lot of them are sooo overpriced and that is why I will be showing you some very easy and cute DIY’s for your room in today’s post that you can make for way less money. I hope you like it!


Trinket dish

I have to be honest with you guys, I did not know how well this DIY would turn out, but I am pleasantly surprised and I can’t believe how cute it looks on my desk! This is perfect for all those little fripperies that you don’t have a place for or for jewellery or small stationary pieces or … well, basically anything that you want!


You will need:

  • polymer clay

  • a bowl

  • aluminium foil

  • metallic paint

  • a brush

  • something to roll your clay out with (I just used a glass to this).

The first thing you want to do is choose your colours of clay and roll the pieces of clay into long strips. Then you twist them together, fold and twist again. Once you’ve done this a few times you can roll you clay into a ball and roll it out flat. To make a round shape you can place anything round on top and cut around it or if you have it you can just use a round cookie cutter.

Next, you want to take a piece of aluminium that has been folded a few times and put it in your bowl to make it the same shape as the bowl. Then you can place your circle of clay into it and shape it a little bit more until it looks good. I chose to curve the edges of my clay bowl to make it look just a bit cuter, but you don’t have to do this.

Now you just have to bake your bowl in the oven for 30 minutes on 110 °C/230 °F. To add the finishing touch, I painted the edges copper.



Summery frame

Okay, this DIY is definitely the easiest and quickest one of all, but certainly not the least.


You will need:

  • a frame

  • some prints of your favourite patterns or pictures

  • a blank piece of paper

  • a pair of scissors.

All you want to do is cut out any shape you like (I chose to go with three hearts) out of your printed pictures, place them into a frame with a blank piece of paper as a background and that’s it!

If you want all of the shapes to be the same you can cut one out and use this one as a guide for the others.

For my prints I decided to go with some tropical prints I found on Pinterest, because I thought this would look very cute and summery in my room, but you can choose anything you like



Marble and copper coasters

This DIY is one that looks very fancy, but actually isn’t. When you type in “DIY marble coaster” you will often find people making a coaster out of a tile that is already marbled. And I don’t want to say that that is wrong or something, but some of us can’t manage to find marble tiles or find them too expensive (that’s me!). And that is exactly why I made these coasters that look all fancy and expensicve, but actually are so much cheaper than the real thing and still super cute!


You will need:

  • wooden (cheap ;p) coasters

  • some pieces of paper with pictures of marble printed on to them (if you type “marble print” into google or Pinterest you will get a bunch of good options)

  • transparent plastic (I just used clear folders)

  • paint of choice

  • modpodge or other clear-drying glue

The very first thing that you want to do is to cut pieces of marbled paper and plastic to the same size as your coasters. Since you want the pieces to be exactly the same size, I found it easier to measure my coasters and then draw the right shape onto my paper. Instead you could of course try outlining the coasters to get the right size, but I found this to be a little less precise.

Next you want to paint the edges of your coasters in your desired colour of paint. I decided to go with copper again, because I just LOVE it! But I think any colour would look cute. For example, light pink would go really well.

Then you want to glue your pieces of paper on to the wooden coasters with some modpodge and lastly glue the pieces of plastic on top of the paper with another layer of modpodge. At first it will look a little bit weird, but don’t worry: the modpodge dries clear so you can admire the pretty marble print again!


That’s all that I have for you today, but stay tuned for more upcoming posts! I really hope you like these DIY’s and try them out for yourself. If you do so, please share it with me in the comments section and on my social media! Btw: If you like my dungarees as much as I do, look out for a future outfit post in which they will be featured!

Thanks for reading!


Lots of love, Esther

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