September 3, 2017

Hi guys!

Here’s a thought: how on earth is it already September?! Like seriously, how did this happen? The time has just flown by! I feel like 2017 has only just started and August has past so quickly too. But the exciting part is that we are also getting closer to fall, which means cosy days with blankets, fairy lights and a lot of tea J. Anyway, this post isn’t about fall yet (but those post will be coming soon!), but I will be sharing some bits and pieces that I have been loving the past month.



First thing on the list: yoga. Lately I’ve started doing a lot of yoga. It is something that I have liked for a longer time, but lately I’ve been doing it almost every day and I am really enjoying it! It really gives me an opportunity to clear my mind and I find it very relaxing, but at the same time you are also targeting your muscles. This is something that a lot of people don’t realise. Because, even though a lot of yogis make it look super easy, it definitely is not! You can trust me on this one.



This month I’ve also been loving scrunchies, for multiple reasons. First of all, they look super-duper cute and retro! You can literally get them in any print or colour that you like.

Also, it is so much better for your hair than those thin and tight hair ties, which make your hair break. This is definitely a great pro for someone like me, since I wear my hair in a ponytail EVERY day. I just have to have my hair out of my face, so a cute scrunchie is ideal!


Gilmore girls

A show that I’ve been binge-watching on Netflix is Gilmore girls. I just love it! It is very funny and lovely to watch when you’re snuggled up on the couch with a mug of tea (yes, I did say mug instead of cup ;p).


Pastel markers

Anyone who knows me, will know that I’m a real stationary freak. I am obsessed with cute notebooks, pens, markers, pencils and basically everything involving stationary!

I got so excited when I saw these pastel markers, because if I’m taking notes or planning I am always colour coding and highlighting and these colours are a lot prettier than your regular neon highlighters (which I also love though)! It makes it kind of exciting to make notes and go over them later J.



This month there are three artists that I’ve really enjoyed listening to; Dua Lipa (album: Dua Lipa), Foxes (album: All I need), Lorde (album: Melodrama). You should absolutely check them out! I have them on repeat all day! I am actually listening to their music, while typing out this blogpost.


Frends headphones

Speaking of music, lastly for this month’s favourites I want to mention these beauts! I got these for my birthday and I love them so much! They look super classy and the quality is really good. I am seriously obsessed! One of the reasons why I love them so much is because they don’t look as bulky and unflattering as other headphones, but instead, they are very feminine and pretty!



And that sums up my August favourites. I hope you liked it and let me know if there are some things you’ve been loving lately!


Love, Esther


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