October 17, 2017

Here in Holland the autumn weather has reached that point where it isn’t pleasant at all anymore. It rains very often and there’s constantly a lot of wind. Yuk! This is also the moment that I remember why I actually don’t really like autumn. But, I do like autumn colours, clothes and decorations and that’s exactly why I made these autumnal garlands! I think they turned out really cute (maybe even Pinterest-worthy? ;P) and they look verrrry autumnal! So, here is how to make them yourself!


Leaves garland

To make this pretty garland with autumn leaves you will need some string, felt and mini clothespins.


It is fairly easy to do; All you do is cut out a bunch of felt leaves in autumnal colours and hang them on a string with clothespins. Easy right? To make it even easier you can make a stencil of some leaves and trace them on your felt. I actually free handed mine, but of course you can just as well use a picture.

That’s all! Now you can hang your beautiful garland wherever you want :).


Pompom garland

This garland is super-duper easy to make, but I will say: it requires a little bit of patience. The only thing you will need to know for this garland is how to make pompoms. I actually used a pompom maker which makes it just a little bit easier, but if you don’t have one of those you can just use some cardboard.

To make this garland, begin by making a whole bunch of pompoms in different colours. To make a pompom you will need yarn and a pompom maker or cardboard.


Making a pompom using cardboard:

  1. Start by cutting two round discs out of cardboard.

  2. Then cut a smaller circle from the middle to form a ring (the width of the ring will determine the size of your pompom). 

  3. Cut a slit so there is an opening in the cardboard ring.

  4. This is the point where you can start wrapping your yarn around the ring.

  5. Once you have a good amount of yarn for your pompom, you can start cutting by sliding the scissors between both cardboard discs.

  6. Lastly wrap a long piece of yarn between the two discs to tie off the pompom.


It is important not to cut the pieces of yarn used to tie off your pompoms, because you will use those pieces to tie the pompoms onto the string.

Once you have made a bunch of pompoms, tie them onto a string and then you’re done!


I really liked making these garlands and they make my room look sooo cosy and autumnal! Yay! I hope you liked these DIY’s just as much as I do and definitely let me know what you think!


Love, Esther


Ps: I’ve just figured out how to add Bloglovin’ to my blog (#proud ;) ), so I would really appreciate if you would check it out along with my other social media :).


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