October 25, 2017

 Guys! Only a couple of days more until Halloween, woohoo! I am flipping excited, even though I actually never do anything on the day of Halloween self. Haha, I am probably more excited to decorate my room and try a bunch of spooky recipes (AND for all of the Halloween themed blogposts and YouTube video’s that everyone is uploading ;) ). Speaking of decorating, I’ve actually already started just a tiny bit. Since I was really inspired by the garlands I made in my »last post«, I made another one! But this one is perfect for Halloween and very cute and spooky (I didn’t even know that those two could go together, but apparently they can…). I absolutely love it!

The other DIY I’ve made can’t even properly be called a DIY, because it is just soooo simple. But, it is cute, so I am including it in this post anyways. It is simply a frame with a cute Halloween quote in it.

How I made them you ask? (Let’s just pretend you did… ;P) Here’s how!


Spooky garland

To make this you will need black, orange and white yarn, a piece of string, googly eyes, green and black pipe cleaners and glue.

Okay, let’s start with the spiders. To begin with, make a pompom out of black yarn. If you would like a detailed explanation on how to make pompoms take a look at my »previous post«. Tip: don’t cut off the piece of yarn used to tie off your pompom, because you can use this to hang the spider onto the garland. Once you’ve made a pompom cut eight small pieces from some black pipe cleaners and bend them in the middle to form the spider’s legs. Glue them onto the pompom along with two googly eyes. Repeat everything a couple more times and then you’re done with the spiders.

For the little ghost you only need to make white tassels and glue googly eyes on top. To make a tassel wrap yarn around three or four fingers about twenty times. Slide the bundle of yarn of your hand and tie a separate piece of yarn around the top to form a tassel shape. There should be two loops formed. One small one (to form the head) and a longer one. Cut through the longer loop to form a tassel. To be able to hang the ghosts onto the garland, string another little piece of string through the small loop and tie the ends together.

Then, for the pumpkins, you will have to make some pompoms again, but this time from orange yarn. Cut little pieces of green pipe cleaner and glue them onto the pompoms to form the stems of the pumpkins. Lastly bend the green stems to form a small hook to hang the pompoms onto the garland with.

String every single spider, ghost and pumpkin onto a piece of string and that’s your garland done!

Halloween frame

As I mentioned before, this Halloween frame is almost too easy, but I still really like it! All you need is a frame, a piece of blank paper and some felt-tip pens or fine liners. Basically, just pick your favourite Halloween quote and use the felt-tips or fine liners to write it onto a piece of paper. I decided to draw a cute spider as well, but you can customize this however you like :). Then just add this to your frame and that’s it! See? I told you it was easy right? ;)


Hope you liked this! I would love it if you would let me know if you are excited for Halloween and how you are decorating for Halloween!


Love, Esther

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